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In this article we will review what South Africa has to offer to help you get the most out of your trip . This includes visits to famous wildlife , history and visiting natural places south African holidays.The most popular African safari is the Kruger National Park . Located just north of Johannesburg, and covers 18,989 km square south African holidays. Here , you can be sure to see a variety of wildlife, including all the " Big Five " - lions, rhinos , buffaloes , elephants and leopards and other species that are not found in many other reserves as cheetahs hunting safari , hunting , impalas , gazelles ,south African holidays plus some of the biggest crocodiles in the world.

Kruger National Park lodges and hotels that cater to all the rules so that you are able to stay in the park too south African holidays. This allows you to get the full experience of a safari to see the animals all day .If you are unable to cope with the Kruger Park and many private game reserves all over the country, including the Aguilar Game Reserve . This reserve is located about an hour from Cape Town and you can also stay in beautiful villas here if you plan to spend a few days or a guide will pick you up at your hotel in Cape Town for a day trip .south African holidays Here you can see all the main safari animals you would expect to find, but the big difference here is that lions are separated for herbivores .south African holidays This is to support a number of species in the park.

south African holidays Cape Town itself is a great city that is surrounded by a chain of mountains and in the middle of this is Table Mountain . The summit of this mountain is totally and exceptionally flat . You can take a cable car to the mountain of 3,500 feet, which I highly recommend . Up here you get panoramic views of the city of Cape Town south African holidays.Also in Cape Town, if you are interested in the history of Apartheid and Nelson Mandela , then you can take a cruise to the island where Nelson Mandela spent most of his adult life in. The prison once today museum is located in the Robbie island and a tour of a day here will take you to the cells and areas of high security prison south African holidays. You can also talk to the guards and other prisoners who spent time actually knew personal or Mandela.

South of Cape Town is a small town ... Gainsaid famous for whale sharks lurking beneath the waters frequently visit south African holidays. A small cage for 4 and below the surface as you watch the shark attack and follow the bait. In these waters south African holidays, I put in the cage with four different sharks ranging from 2.5 meters to the right to a great white shark four meters that looked more like a deadly submarine . It's an experience you will not forget .

South Africa each holiday will be different, but whatever the reason you decide to visit this beautiful country south African holidays, I can assure you will not be disappointed . Famous for its wildlife tours , such as Kruger National Park and diving with sharks historical tours Mandela and the beautiful natural environment of the Table Mountain .

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