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Barcelona is a fascinating city with a lot of interest, various neighborhoods. There will definitely be good for you. The question is: which one? ramblas hotel Barcelona Consider Ciutat Vella if you like the idea of "being in the middle of everything. " The streets here, in the heart of the town, are packed with noisy and lively masses of both visitors and locals. It is a historic district of Barcelona, wand the atmosphere is extraordinarily dynamic ramblas hotel Barcelona, vibrant and memorable.

Above all, Citrate Vela is a welcoming space for pedestrians. There are some great roads, very little traffic noise and the streets are made WWF walking ramblas hotel Barcelona. However, while the vehicles will not bother with horns, the area is known for the sound that emanates from each evening many nightclubs and bars that line the streets ramblas hotel Barcelona. Central district of Citrate Vela in Barcelona includes each of these four areas interesting and unique - different Gothic Quarter, Born (La Rivera), Ravel and Barcelona.
Gothic Quarter and Las ramblas born two edges to the left and in front of the sea. Each is desirable for several reasons. Ramblas hotel Barcelona  two neighborhoods are relatively safe, relatively quiet and offers easy access to public transport, including the Metro (green line L'S) and many buses. A tempting variety of chic restaurants and bars, as well as the economic centers are all within easy walking distance.

If you love the sea, you'll probably want to stay in Barcelona. This is the area where a "neighborhood beach" is easily accessed from most hotels and apartments, but a word of warning ramblas hotel Barcelona. Accessibility can sometimes be an issue because, in summer, the beach is almost always crowded and not always well maintained. Finally, there's Rival. Similar to the Gothic Quarter, but not very fashionable, is equipped with many of the most popular "must-see” attractions and museums in Barcelona. Ravel also has a large immigrant population, which translates into an environment that is both multinational and charming. In particular; the crime rate is high in the Ravel ramblas hotel Barcelona. Those who come out for an evening stroll must be very cautious and careful.

Prices fluctuate all Citrate Vela inexpensive and very affordable to very expensive (for a luxurious accommodation). Overall, this area of Newtown is ideal for young people, couples, small groups of friends and families with children. If you want to get away from the usual tourist spots and the noise ramblas hotel Barcelona, consider Example, one of the best areas of Barcelona. Example responds better to do, especially in the sections around Passing de Gracia, Rambla de Catalina and close to Audi Avenue / Armada Familial. It is a relatively clean and safe city. This is almost always calm because few tourists venture there ramblas hotel Barcelona. However, there are still a lot of great restaurants, bars and outdoor cafes. And some of Barcelona's best shopping is available all along the Passing de Gracias.

If you stay in Example, you can go to the city center in less than 5-15 minutes ramblas hotel Barcelona, depending on where you are in the Example. In fact, if you stay near the Passing de Gracia and Gran Via, you can enjoy easy access to the subway and many buses. You can also use the taxi, which are surprisingly accessible. Eixample is also suited to the needs of the elderly, as it is safe, quiet and very elegant. Saints and Les Cortes are quiet residential areas generally avoided by tourists as there are sites or attractions to enjoy. However ramblas hotel Barcelona, this area has many newly constructed buildings packed with modern amenities and extensive facilities ramblas hotel Barcelona.

Public transport is easily accessible and a journey to the center of Barcelona normally takes about 15 minutes by subway, bus a little ' longer. Tranquility and comfort is the key here. And why tourists stay away, ramblas hotel Barcelona a first- class are often available at bargain prices. Finally, you can consider Vila Olympic. Ramblas hotel Barcelona is now a well -to-do neighborhood offers new luxury buildings with elegant and comfortable apartments. Ramblas hotel Barcelona Ideal for those who want to relax, yet only 20-10 minutes from the Ramblas by metro (yellow line L'S), not more than 30 minutes for those who prefer to walk.

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