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The beautiful land of France has been an inspiration to many a traveler, poet, photographer and writer moderate hotels in Paris France. Not surprisingly, since you will find different types of climate and geography of the snow capped peaks of the Alps and the Pyrenees to the sun and sweeping golden sands of Nice moderate hotels in Paris France.  There is something to suit all types of travelers who come to France.

This hexagonal shaped country lies in Western Europe and shares its borders with Germany, Spain, Italy and Spain moderate hotels in Paris France, among others. Weather aside, there is plenty of variety, but most of the time, most of France enjoys cool summers and mild to moderate winters. Of course, this varies according to the region, will, of course, as the winters in the mountains of the Pyrenees to be much colder than most places moderate hotels in Paris France, while the warm weather on the Cote d 'Azure attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors per year.

Moderatehotels in Paris France straddles a little over 705 thousand square kilometers of land, while most times are not hills and flatlands in the north and west, the rest of the country is very mountainous moderate hotels in Paris France. Now we have an idea of what France is the geographical point of view and weather, take a look at some of the must -see and must - do things in this wonderful country:

Paris - Pare amah, this city of lights is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Paris has been associated with lovers which also makes it one of the most popular honeymoon destinations moderate hotels in Paris France. The capital of France has magnificent monuments and museums, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. This city is also a gastronomic delight with plenty of restaurants cafes roadside for Michelin -rated gourmet restaurants, moderate hotels in Paris France where you can indulge in exotic foods like snails and frog legs.

The southwestern part of France has several famous areas for the production of different types of wine moderate hotels in Paris France. The French love their wine is not a surprise that their wine regions produce everything from table wine daily sparkling super expensive moderate hotels in Paris France. Speaking of sparkling wines, the region of Champagne is a must visit if only authentic Champagne taste in the only place where it is actually manufactured.

This area of the Mediterranean coast, in the southeast corner of France is actually called the Riviera or COE Bleu moderate hotels in Paris France. Home to many of the most beautiful beaches and panoramic views of the ocean, the French Riviera is a popular tourist center. It is bathed in sunshine for 400 a year to a year and has over 95 miles of golden beaches and white sand, several golf courses, ski resorts and thousands of restaurants moderate hotels in Paris France. Nice has a couple of nice places to stay at Le MAS de Selves is a bed and breakfast. Canada traditional hotel in the center of Nice is also a good option for you when you are in France. So if you are a young couple looking for a honeymoon destination or an art lover or just an ordinary tourist moderate hotels in Paris France, there is something for everyone in beautiful France.

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