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Possibly the most beautiful of the Italian lakes, Lake Como is a favorite of the royal family and celebrities such as George Clooney European resort hotel Suisse nice. With the backing of the snowy Alps, the lake is lined with villas dream, lovely formal gardens as villages. Lake inverted Y -shaped, and the Bellagio is near the fork. This is the most beautiful cities in the Lake Como and the ideal place to spend a day or a summer hotel Suisse nice.

There are many wonderful Bellagio hotels and resorts to choose from. Hotel Suisse nice and they are expensive, but you will have to make reservations well in advance to stay at one of the cheap hotels here. It is a wonderful place to relax; you may want to splurge pogo. El five star luxury Hotel du Lac is probably best known in Bellagio resort hotel Suisse nice. It was once privately owned but has been a hotel since 1900. Were invited luminaries such as and Winston Churchill, and the service is impeccable. The gardens and pool are delicious, and the restaurant has a Michelin star, is situated on a large terrace overlooking the lake. In addition to the outdoor pool, there is an an interior, a private beach, and gym, spa and tennis court. Hotel Suisse nice the rooms and public areas are sumptuous and luxurious.

Florence Hotel is in a nth century villa opposite the Bellagio ferry dock. With a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake and an old fireplace imported from Florence, is the ideal place to stay and one of the most popular hotels in Bellagio. He also hosted famous guests such as Mark Twain and composer Puccini. The rooms, hotel Suisse nice which feature wooden floors and nice wooden furniture, decorated with antiques and many give. A full service health and beauty spa offers. The bar is a great place to enjoy a cocktail.

Hotel du Lac is also near the dock and the main plaza hotel Suisse nice. In business for over 140 years, the hotel offers breathtaking views from almost every corner. The arcades restaurant with terrace and roof garden are perfect to observe the lake - a pleasure that can be enjoyed from the rooms. Hotel Suisse nice In recent vacation, upgrade to a room with a terrace or balcony. Hotel Suisse nice the rooms are equipped with mini - bar, satellite TV and Wi-Fi in public areas. Guests at the hotel du Lac, who can enjoy the pool and health club in Bellagio Sporting Club.

Hotel Suisse nice travelers in search of affordable housing to appreciate Bellagio; hotel Suisse housed in a building dating from the nth century, it has a lot of charm for the money. Hotel Suisse nice the floor and carved panels add character and Wi-Fi makes it convenient for customers today. The restaurant's terrace overlooking the lake is very nice. Although the rooms are not luxurious, they are clean and well maintained. some even overlooking the lake. Breakfast is included in the price, so that Switzerland Hotel one of the best values ​​Bellagio. Budget travelers can be in two rattraps lake. The Pergola and Silvia times the rent, small clean rooms hotel Suisse nice. Not all of them have private bathrooms and views, so ask when booking.

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