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If you travel to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in the heat of summer, Kiev accommodation and you want to go somewhere not far from your hotel in Kiev for a swim and cool, where can you go? Believe it or not, is a great place just two metro (subway) from the downtown area of the city? This is called Hydro Park Island, and is a favorite among locals and visitors were Kiev accommodation.

The island was formed in the nth century due to the flooding of the river Diner Kiev accommodation. People began to see the area as the Venice. In 1960, the island has been transformed into a park of 188 hectares. Now he picnic areas, bars, restaurants, trails, sports fields and amusement park for children. Kiev accommodation More importantly, there are long stretches of clean beaches of golden sand. Here you can swim in the icy water of the Diaper River. Or, if you are not taking a swim, you can enjoy the sun and watch the kids make sand castles. Hydro Park is connected to the mainland by Metro Unsanitary and Venetian bridges. Kiev accommodation some daring people how to blow up bridges into the Diaper. Do not try this unless you are a good swimmer.

Kiev accommodation in the short summer Hydro Park Ukrainian is where the locals go to see and be seen. It ' a saying that if someone is not at home or at work, they are probing so by Hydro Park. Different social groups also have their own informal settlements Kiev accommodation. One area is favored by families, other people in their late teens and twenties. Yet another is to grandparents for the day with their grandchildren. There is a section for naturalists who love to swim and sunbathe naked. There is also a gay beach, but because homosexuality is still not widely accepted in Ukraine, foreign visitors are encouraged to exercise discretion. Kiev accommodation Foreigners are also warned against going Hydro Park only at night. Kiev has a crime problem at night, and foreigners as such are vulnerable.

Hydro Park has a bungee jumping, beach volleyball, water slides and boat rentals. You can enjoy water skiing or wakeboarding. Kiev accommodation there is sand sculpture competition that attracts competitors from all over the world. The air is often filled with the sound of music concerts outdoors. At night, the ' island becomes an area Hydro park party neon lights. Bands playing in clubs until the wee hours of the morning and Ukrainian vodka and beer are cheap Kiev accommodation. Once again, visitors should exercise restraint. You want to be able to find their own way to your hotel in Kiev. Also, do not want to miss the last train to the city. Visitors who plan to travel to Kiev for the first time should be aware that when they organize their accommodation in Kiev, there is no need to book expensive hotels in Kiev. With entities that may be Kiev apartments are very comfortable and affordable.

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