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Nice, with the Principality of Monaco and Italy only a stone's throw from one side hotels in nice France, and the old port of Antibes and the rest of the Riviera (with miles and miles of sandy tourist traction) to St Tropez, on the other hand hotels in nice France, is a popular tourist destination and also a prosperous city with a fascinating history and an abundance of culture. For many, a visit to Nice outside of the summer months is more pleasant. And ' less crowded, less expensive, but it is still more than enough to see and do. Nice is full of museums, galleries, concert halls, hotels in nice France theaters and a host of things to see and do.

To spend a few days in this little corner of paradise, it soon becomes clear why many artists and writers have made wither home - Renoir in the nth century by Matisse hotels in nice France, Duffy, Cargill and more recent times. Many artists have lived here for a long time, finding inspiration in various cities of sea and mountains hotels in nice France. Claude Monet was also a frequent visitor. But nice is an ancient city with a history dating back about 400,000 years. You can find some of this old story Terra Samantha Museum. Later, the Greeks founded a trading post they called "Nikita ", which means "victory."Hotels in nice France Later still the Romans who founded the city known as Clemente, the seat of government for the region.

From the middle Ages until the nth century, hotels in nice France the area comprising of Nice became part of many separate; geographical entities and has undergone many political upheavals. It is 1706 Nice became part of France. But only seven years later, was given to Victor Amadeus, King of Sicily, hotels in nice France and returned to the French property again until 1860.There are many ways to see the media Nice and the public is reliable and inexpensive. There is also a new tram currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2007. But for those who have the time available, a walking tour is by far the best option. Stroll along the Promenade des Angles and back in time to the Victorian era hotels in nice France, along the shore of palm trees with some of the best hotels, bars and restaurants of the Riviera.

Most of the hotels along the famous sequence of five miles combine modern amenities with the splendor of the Belle Pique hotels in nice France. Typical and perhaps the most beautiful is the exquisite Hotel Negroes, quite casually at home four centuries of French art - worthy of a museum - for everyone to see. Go take a look. Do not be intimidated by the doormen and porters room dressed in traditional costume of the French nth century. Hotels in nice France They will welcome you with friendly service with a smile as you enter the magnificent lobby decorated in Louis XVI style. In front of the ' Hotel Negroes - make sure that you cross the four-lane road lined with palm trees, hotels in nice France sometimes crazy - there is a beautiful, though rocky stretch of beach. This extends as far ' eye and beyond. But fortunately, the stones are smooth, which makes walking less painful than it sounds pebbles.

Hotels in nice France La Promenade des Angles, you can make your way along the coast to the port. Here is the beautiful church of Notre - Dame du Port, to guard the port, the sailors of the blessing that leave the city. The port is still very active and welcomes cruise ships worldwide. The old city, known as Vie Nice, hotels in nice France enchants visitors with its quaint narrow streets and an eclectic mix of architectural styles. Different parts date back to the middle Ages. One of the most interesting buildings in the old town is the ' Opera House. Built in 1885, is a fine example of Second Empire style.

A few steps away is the Course Sale, a little ' as the left bank of Paris, with a myriad of outdoor cafes welcoming locals and tourists hotels in nice France. Do not forget to try the local specialty dishes - are plentiful and all delicious. The flower market nearby, which on Monday became a flea market, antiques market, hotels in nice France sweeping; bystanders in a symphony of sounds, smells and colors. Here, you can also explore other staples of the cuisine of Nice, such as figs, goat cheese, olives and candied fruit itself. Do not forget to try the local specialty called "soccer," a delicious pancake made WWF chickpea flour. And ' inexpensive, very well with a beer, and beats a hot dog every day hotels in nice France! Dinner at the beaches of Nice casual to the most elegant, the city boasts some of the most renowned restaurants in France.

Beautiful light at night, with the lights of the buildings along the coast of the Mediterranean, which reflects the light of the moon hotels in nice France, is almost surreal experience - a fantasy of lights, sounds and flavors. The city's nightlife is legendary, including outdoor cafes in the early hours of the morning and night clubs, hotels in nice France discos and casinos - including the famous Casino Raul and the recently re-opened and subtly decadent Paladins de la Mediterranean. There is much more to see in and around Nice. But hopefully it will be just enough to whet your appetite. Given a month, hotels in nice France you would only be able to touch the surface of this jewel of the French Riviera.

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