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Paris is known for its delicious cuisine, luxury hotels and all round decadence. But there is no need to break the bank to stay in luxury cheap hotel Paris; here are the five best budget hotels in Paris:

*Hotel des 3 Colleges: This beautiful two star hotel allows you to experience the most beautiful side of Paris without the Parisian price tag cheap hotel Paris. Try to ask for a corner room, or on the sixth floor. They tend to be larger and have exposed beams, giving a touch of luxury for your money. The rooms are equipped with everything you want and Wi-Fi cheap hotel Paris and the staff are very knowledgeable about the museums and art galleries, including the organization of a password so that you do not have to wait in line. The price of a double room is right? Which makes it an affordable luxury cheap hotel Paris?

*hotel Chopin: The Chopin Hotel is tucked away in a shopping center in the nth century and is probably one of the best hotels anesthetic in this list. The rooms are quite simple once you get inside cheap hotel Paris, but the location of the ' hotel does not offer any street noise. Next to the theaters; and the prices range from 80? 100 for a double room.

*hotel Amour: This hotel is really only for adults! Housed in a former brothel this hotel is perfect for a couple looking to get away and do nothing but spend time with them cheap hotel Paris. Instead of having a TV in the room, most have built in is big enough for you and your bathroom partner. Cheap hotel Paris The lounge and outdoor garden offers a great place to find something to eat and drink before going to the boudoir. Hotel Amour is one of the most expensive choices? 130 for a double room cheap hotel Paris, but for this you are guaranteed a luxurious stay.

*Hotel du e Art: Hotel du e Art is one of the most unusual hotels can be found in Paris, which pays homage to the films of all kinds cheap hotel Paris. All the walls of the hotel are decorated with movie posters of all kinds of films. The living room is covered in posters, while the rooms are subtly done. The hotel has Internet access and a small gym in the basement cheap hotel Paris. A double room costs? 95 and worth the stay! It's the love of old and new film oozes Parisian charm.

*hotel Besmirches: Hotel Besmirches breathes exuberance of the gothic city of Paris. The hotel's rooms are painted a shocking yellow heads with bright red asymmetrical bed cheap hotel Paris. While this may not seem like the best hotels, you would be surprised! How do you get a feel of the hotel is one of the coolest. Original art hanging on the walls and request for comments on their website, as well as having fully customized furniture and painting, l ' hotel is more like a Parisian artists hang out! Certainly worth a trip cheap hotel Paris, especially if you want to experience the side of arty Paris without paying pretexts. A double room costs.

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