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The annual festival of French music or the music festival, as it is known in France, is a remarkable event which brings together the country life with a wide range of musical performances every day for a whole year nice France hotels. The engine behind the music festival was Maurice Flexure (highlighted by the minister Jack Lang), who as director of music in 1981 had the idea of music everyway and concerts everywhere. Understand that five million young French or played an instrument or sing nice France hotels, in other words, one out of two, Foil essentially proposed that they achieve their dreams and in the streets of the scene they wanted to accomplish nice France hotels.

The first event was launched the summer solstice of June 21, 1982 with the slogan play music, the music that celebrates nice France hotels. Professional and amateur musicians have taken up the banner, mostly spontaneously and performed jazz, rock and traditional music performers of classical music nice France hotels, while in the performance of a great people. They have not looked back.

The event is now practiced by millions of people across France and has become a major source of attraction for the visitors’ v. In almost every city across the country artists of all kinds in the streets and their stockings while all Boogie down nice France hotels. The rocks of the whole country! Especially in sensitive areas such as Nice, Bordeaux and Paris, where the nature of the city lends itself very well to that benefit.

nice France hotels The services are free, the costs are suspended for the day and the overall event is widely supported by the media, with the French television show also some of the greatest performers and cover small events nice France hotels. If you want to know what's going on 21 in the main cities of France is a French website that lists what is here: fete - de - la - and you can also source information through the offices of the French tourism nice France hotels. It ' important not to expect much more than this is not the main professional actions are usually people who may not normally have the opportunity to join a company that is so closely in keeping the influential people in the music industry. There are acts that are running that are well known in France as Tokyo Hotel and Coaching Gertrud who played in 2007, but do not expect to raise Oasis or Duffy.

Go with the right mindset and you can’t enjoy a day full of music that goes well with the mild summer night. An outdoor venue nice France hotels, such as the Port of Nice, full of people dancing on a warm evening a memorable experience, even if you do not understand a word of what was exported in sung .The other parts of the globe in less than fifteen years nice France hotels, a form of the festival of the music played in over one hundred countries on five continents, including cities such as Berlin, Budapest, Barleycorn, Liverpool, Luxembourg, Rome, Naples and Prague.

Nice France hotels How strange that such a brilliant festival celebrating the music on a large scale in a country that looks longingly through the channel of the great abundance of musical talent on offer in the UK nice France hotels. Where we have a seemingly endless stream of artists who produce a constant stream of random shots that populate the charts all over the world, we only have a limited number of potentially important an event to celebrate the art in which we excel participation clear.

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