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The fashionable city of Nice on the French Riviera with the longest of the city on the sea front in France, kissed by the sun and full of hordes of tourists happy for most of the year nice hotels France. Among the tourists, in fact, Nice is the second most popular city in France after Paris. It 'was the favorite place of artists for centuries, nice hotels France many claiming the city bathed in a special light - but it is also a magnet for the rich and glamorous together posh neighbors such as Monaco and Cannes. Yet, despite this, Nice has non-exclusive - that air about it,nice hotels France and actually attracts diverse enough alongside his glamorous core crowd - from young couples and families with older tourists and even bachelorette strange.

nice hotels France Going beyond the suburbs less attractive to the old city, the old part of the fifth largest city in France, and is a maze of historic streets where couples walk hand in hand store gift shop, and eat outside in the evening air mild with live music and a place to watch the world go by. Nice hotels France this is the most charming district of Nice, and the best place to spend the summer evenings with a lively cafe culture, great restaurants and many nice bars. If you are exploring during the day, make sure you choose some incredibly ornate baroque churches such as the Church of Jesus, Straight Street, where the art of living sculpture inside are breathtaking in their detail. Nice hotels France In the heart of the old town, pedestrian gated Place Rossetti is a strikingly beautiful by day and by night, surrounded by buildings in red and yellow ocher, famous for its ice cream shops, and beautifully lit at night.

The pebbly beach does not seem to remove many sun worshipers who gather for a dip in the turquoise sea before drying on a table - while risking a rather unpleasant and out on the slippery rocks and problems easily. Along the coast is the elegant nice hotels France, palm trees Promenade des Angles, supported by large, villas and hotels before the war, the most impressive of which is the pink domed Hotel Negroes. Dancing is a favorite place for a walk and roller blade, mountain biking and skateboarding nice hotels France. In parallel to this is a section of the pedestrian compact"
Pedestrian zone ", another beautiful area full of cafes nice hotels France, restaurants and tourist souvenir shops near the Place Masse; main Square of the city.

Nice Flower Market will be held in the Course Sale every morning nice hotels France, and this traditional place is also a good place for a bite to eat in one of the traditional restaurants in Nice. If you want to capture one of the best views of the city nice hotels France, at the head of Castle Hill and up the stairs (or take the elevator for three quarters of the way) to get a view of the Baize des Angles and harbor. Although little remains of the ruins of the castle itself nice hotels France, spectacular view alone, it's worth it.

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