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Hello! Do you want to go to Paris, France, but you have to take a trip alone? It can be intimidating, but do not let fear stop you from having the time of your life. With good planning and common sense hotels Paris France Latin quarter, you can have a fun and safe trip.

Hotels Paris France Latin Quarter the requirements are as travel tickets, passport, and airport shuttle and hotel rooms basic. There are many airlines that fly from Charles De Gaulle Airport. I recommend for your first trip. There are other airports in the country, hotels Paris France Latin quarter but you have to take a bus to Paris. Check the airlines and travel sites for ticket prices. You will also need a passport that does not expire within the next six months.

When you arrive at the airport, you can choose a taxi hotels Paris France Latin quarter, train or bus to your hotel. There are many hotels and apartments to choose from. I'll discuss later. These are the basics hotels Paris France Latin quarter! There are many important European sites you can search and compare prices for your budget.

Where to stay in Paris? For the purposes of this essay, hotels Paris France Latin quarter I will talk about my favorite place to stay. I prefer the Latin Quarter, close to Notre Dame. The reason is that at night, there are street performers and a lot of people watching. He is very strong and I do not have to ride the subway to go home late at night. I watched a lot of police patrols in the Latin Quarter. I feel very safe. I found a nice apartment for my stay of three weeks hotels Paris France Latin quarter. I prefer this to a hotel because I had a small kitchen and a balcony.

What to see! What to do hotels Paris France Latin quarter! For your first trip to Paris, there are some must do places to see. Take the bus hop on, hop off. I did this tour in major European cities and I think it is an excellent orientation. Hotels Paris France Latin Quarter They is usually about two or three times just to learn my way around.

The Eiffel Tower is to Paris! You can now get tickets to go up the elevator to a specific time interval. No need to wait in line hotels Paris France Latin quarter! Do not forget to bring a picnic just hang out on the lawn there. At night, they illuminate the Eiffel Tower in sparks. Check the Website for times. Hotels Paris France Latin quarter the next stop is the famous Louvre and Muse d ' Dorsa. It is closed on Tuesday, so be sure to plan accordingly. It would take a lifetime to see everything in both places. Just walk around and see the highlights: Mona Lisa and Moonlet.

My favorites are the gardens Redingotes Paris France Latin Quarter, Monceau and Luxembourg. Rodin Museum I sat by the rose garden that surrounds the statue thinker long. It takes a long time to really know what the artist's intention. Hotels Paris France Latin Quarter the Luxembourg Gardens are just exquisitely Parisian. You will find people lounging or playing bowls. Discover cafes and shops nearby. Parch Monceau is a bit ' more local. The grounds are immaculate.

To be in Paris, you have to look at people in a cafe. Hotels Paris France Latin Quarter Just chooses a corner of a busy street. They enjoy life in Paris. They do not rush you. The server will not be hovering over you to clear the table fast hotels Paris France Latin Quarter. Enjoy a glass or two of wine or dessert and maybe. Gratuitously is usually included in the bill

French cuisine, I have many fond memories of delicious food hotels Paris France Latin quarter. In the Latin Quarter, we are away, bars and restaurants all over the world. Personally, I skip Starbucks and McDonalds in Paris. We will list some of my favorite places here, but be sure to explore and find some of your own. Hotels Paris France Latin Quarter Coffee in the gardens of the Toiletries to the Louvre is my favorite. I like it because of its location near to the flower gardens. Up to Nonstarter, there are several cafes instead of the artists that I love and I have not really found a pain au chocolate I did not like.

If you have more time, I suggest a day and Rue Nonstarter area Cur hotels Paris France Latin quarter. District Nonstarter hill overlooking Paris. There was once a colony of artists because of rentals at low cost. Today it still has many budding artists gallery, shops, and a fantastic view of the city and the Eiffel Tower hotels Paris France Latin quarter. The Eiffel Tower, visit a region called Cur road. It 'full of everything that a pedestrian street in Paris. I found a cute little chocolate shop of gifts to take home... those who do not eat anyway. And a tray with postcards and souvenirs treated.

Want to know the real secret to travel alone through Europe? It is not necessary to know the language just beautiful. Be courteous hotels Paris France Latin quarter. And you'll have the time of your life. Anyone can travel alone in Paris and have a safe time. Just do not go down dark alleys. Stay with the crowd and take an apartment in the historic districts of Paris. You will have a fantastic time! Hotels Paris France Latin quarter Make sure you write me and tell me about your trip.

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