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So much has been said or written about Kenya on what has been reported about this great nation is what I will call the negative publicity especially after the war after the 2007 elections, where the number of tourists coming Kenya to drop drastically. Kenya safari packages Then the country was affected by drought, next year (2008), which resulted in the death of the only non-human animals, but also in major game parks. But Kenya is back on his feet. Last year and earlier this year, has seen the country receives a lot of rain, which has improved the situation in the parks and green again dominated our great playgrounds. That's why this season is one of the best places to visit homes in this country Kenya safari packages.

I'll start with the Great Rift Valley is the ultimate safari in Kenya. A few kilometers from the capital, Nairobi, Kenya safari packages a stopover in the Rift Valley view will give you a breathtaking view of the ancient valley. Mount Longmont a famous place to watch a game and hiking, staring at you ready to challenge your technical routes .Kenya safari packages At his side is Lake Natasha A freshwater lake loaded with more than 300 species of birds, hippos and not to mention riding boat trips to the island of the crescent, a sanctuary for animals, including giraffes, buffaloes, monkeys and impalas. On its banks is where the famous couple of George and Joy Adamson, Kenya safari packages built their home. This house has been converted into a country house and has a private museum dedicated to them.

Kenya safari packages Lake Natasha reveals a vast desert that is recognized worldwide. Gate National Park the only hell. This is the only place in Kenya, you can enjoy climbing and hiking among wild animals. It is full of some of the best games in Kenya, including zebras, elk, Dick Dicks etc to name a few. Here is the famous Lake Aurum Flamingo Paradise. This national park combines visualization, Bird Safari Game Drive and Thursday monitoring besides the famous flamingo lake is also home to varieties of herons, ducks, Kenya safari packages pelicans, ibis and actions. Cape Buffalo are in thousands, while Giant Elands live freely in the pasture. Also found here are white rhinos near different.

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 To take a look at the lake, Kenya safari packages please do not forget to visit the dominant baboon cliff numbers above the lake. Here, hundreds of Baboon malicious grows amidst thorny plants and rocks. If you are observant, take a look at the colorful lizards eyeing the rocks. See, I sit down to eat their lunch, some can be very cheeky baboons could actually steal your lunch! We have other animals in the lake, to include Thompson gazelles, giraffes, conch, ostriches, cheetahs and leopards Lions. Remember that cats are quite unusual here in the day, unless you are absolutely lucky! They usually come at night hunting Kenya safari packages.

Last but not least, we have the Nagasaki Mara Game Reserve, Kenya safari packages once said that the seventh wonder of the world. This vast reserve extends to neighboring Serenest in Tanzania. Every year we have thousands of wild animals that migrate to and from the two reserves by the Mara River. Kenya safari packages See the animals in the water diving some of them are victims of the massive Nile Crocks is awesome. A Nagasaki Mara, you can enjoy a safari or take the air in a balloon to about THURSDAY. Cats are easily available here. Hundreds of lions and cheetahs roaming grassy savannah in search of other animals to attack. Kenya safari packages I had the opportunity three times. Once you see a cheetah hunting an Impala and look twice at the pack of lions kill a Cape buffalo huge! The most important.

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