Rent Apartment Paris - Short Stay Holiday rentals

If I knew before I moved to Paris I know now, I would have done some things differently , mostly related to the preparation and expectations . More importantly rent apartment paris, I learned French before leaving , at least at the intermediate level , hoping polishing Paris. I did not expect that Parisians would not help in learning their language. They do not have the patience to talk to someone who is not fluent. They will talk about a little English as they can, or they simply will not talk to you . They will not help you with the language , and if you do not pronounce them correctly too hard to pronounce language I do not understand . This is a generalization . There are exceptions rent apartment paris, but not enough to help much.

I do not want to take a class immersion schools French Alliance or similar languages rent apartment paris​​, like I did . In my experience , refusing to explain anything in English hinders learning and is terribly frustrating when you do not understand what the teacher says . After winning back reasonable skill , I would hire a tutor to Paris once or twice a week to practice and answer questions . I do not expect the Parisians to help me do something , even if they have not completed the Parisians very nice and helpful . I was disappointed that they were the exceptions rent apartment paris.

I would try to rent an apartment before I arrive, even if it would be in the dark. It is difficult for an American to rent an apartment in Paris , unless you have an income or a lot of money in France . Even so , the apartments are rare rent apartment paris. It took me two months , and then I was lucky to find an owner who spoke English and did business. Many owners simply will not hire Americans .

Finally , I hope that all I had to do to be difficult , especially when it comes to dealing with an agency of the French government . They rent apartment paris, like the French , in general , they adhere to their strict rules , without considering the specific situation , except when they decide for their own reasons for not following the rules rent apartment paris. Assuming you know what the rules are , you never know if they will follow . This problem also applies to any French institution , such as utilities, banks , car rental , etc. Think bureaucracies in the United States , but ten times worse .

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