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It does not sound bad, does not it? A trip to Paris, probably with your loved ones in the city of love that makes a good combination cheap hotel in Paris. And the only thing that's not good with all this is war; you must fight with the search engines to find bargains at the same time have a good quality. To help you in your decision, cheap hotel in Paris I have built a list with some of the Top 5 most expensive hotels in Paris, at the same time offers good customer reviews.

To make your selection of cheap hotels in Paris, I decided to set a maximum price per room per night from 80 € cheap hotel in Paris, depending on the category of ' hotel. More than words, and we'll start cheap hotel in Paris!

Mon Revel Amadeus Hotel Paris, the winner in the Top 5, this 3-star hotel that has managed to get consumer feedback 3 of 3 hotels. The location is quite central, close to the Eiffel Tower, and room rates start at 75 Euros per night cheap hotel in Paris, which makes it an excellent combination, especially in Paris, the average price is quite expensive and this hotel is rated three stars in the official classification system.

Liberate Strasbourg Millhouse Gare de l ' EST Hotel Paris this one that almost took the first position is a 2 star hotel where guests review giving it 5 of 5 hotels. Maximum score for the nights which cost about 85 euro cheap hotel in Paris. The location is very central, with all the most important tourist destinations available on short walks or public transport.

Comfort Hotel Place du Terre Paris, the third in our rankings for cheap hotels in Paris has a rating of 3.5 out of 5. With a price per night from 77 €, this central hotel is considered as a 3 and a half stars cheap hotel in Paris. Art Hotel Paris, with a completely different style, the ' Art Hotel Paris is perhaps not very central, but it is still a great place to base tourism activities in Paris, I decided to give it the TH. The reason is that the rating of the customer is still a 4.5 out of 5 rooms and prices starting from just 71 Euros. Cheap hotel in Paris Sounds like a good deal for a 3 star hotel located in the city of love!

Parch Hotel Paris finally close this top 5 ranking for cheap hotels in Paris, we find the Du Parch Hotel. It' only a 2 star, but the general opinion of customers in a score of 4.4. Along with a room price per night from 58 €, cheap hotel in Paris I think it definitely deserves to be included in this selection. At the same time, even if it is only in the middle, cheap hotel in Paris communications with the city center are very good and at the same time will help you avoid the stress that is placed in the middle that can cause. Hoping cheap hotels in Paris contributed classification, in some way, cheap hotel in Paris I'll let you follow up with your plans and dreams with the perfect vacation!

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