Hotels Nice France, Compare 200 Hotels in Nice

Nice is one of the wonderful cities in France and is located on the southeast coast of France on the Mediterranean. Hotels nice France It offers a lot of tourists from world class architectural buildings, historical and cultural sites, museums and monuments of great shopping areas and nightlife happens hotels nice France. Travelers love exploring a good weekend, it is easy to access high speed Euro star Train from London to Nice. Just jump on the Euro star London enjoyable high speed train station St Pancras International in London to Paris Gars du Nord and then simply change the station from Paris hotels nice France, traveling by TGV to Nice. Hardly have Rohr 40 minutes from London to Nice.

Good 4 main attractions:

* Promenade des Anglais : This is a must for visitors worldwide. This is the famous Promenade along the Baize des Angles. You will find restaurants seaside tourists here and relax and enjoy the sun embraced hotels nice France.

* Matisse: hotels nice France Matisse positioned near the Regina Hotel and very close to Roman ruins. Henry Matisse designed this beautiful museum and is one of the most visited attractions of Nice. If you are art lovers, be sure to take a look at the work of Matisse.

* Cours Saleya Flower Market: The market for the most popular flowers in France and a must for tourists. There are many restaurants, bars, hotels and nightclubs around the market hotels nice France. You may visit Tuesday to Sunday this market.

* Beautiful archeological museum and Roman ruins: It is also the main attractions for visitors worldwide. Roman came to this city around the rd century BC hotels nice France, and became a permanent resident of this charming city. You can see the pictures taken of bronze figures of Hercules, the statue of Antonia Mino some sarcophagi and ceramic household items.

Old Nice Old Nice is also called Old Town. Pleasant old streets are always full of crowds; you will find many shops selling local products and other household items. There are abundant restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, discos and operas in this area hotels nice France. Pleasant old streets are narrow streets.

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