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Last fall, I struggled to finish writing a book about Paris, a brief recall five years in early 1992 Paris apartment for rent, when I was living and working in the big city on the Seine as a journalist to wear everyday women, the publication of trade fashion. My editor was kind enough to give me an extension when my whistle once in September. Go to Paris, she said. It will put you in the mood.

As editor of the magazine I used to go to Paris four times a year to cover the fashion collections, always staying in the same hotel, Paris apartment for rent on the left bank. When allowed generous expense accounts, I moved to large houses at the Ritz, Maurice, or the Carillon. All these places have captured the spirit of the city Paris apartment for rent, in different ways, but secretly I kept a fantasy of doing exactly what my editor suggested : rebuild my life living in Paris as a Parisian again.

Paris apartment for rent Part of the fun is the anticipation. At a cocktail party for the launch of a magazine, I whispered to a colleague about my plans for the apartment in Paris. She laughed giddily. I need to see a photo of the view from the limes Paris apartment for rent, she said, could hardly contain himself. I could barely contain myself. In 25 years, I had never dreamed of staying in the Place des Vogues, the urban development model of the nth century built by King Henry IV of 1605. I lived in beautiful places in Paris an apartment in nth century rue de Greeley Paris apartment for rent, a studio under the Eiffel Tower in St - Dominique, but live in an apartment piano Mobile, with 23 foot ceilings and overlooking the immaculate facades red brick and slate roofs attic is the epitome of Parisian luxury.

The morning after my arrival, I pushed the heavy wooden door at No Paris apartment for rent. 25 and was greeted in the courtyard paved with Christine, the manager of the building. She helped me drag my suitcase up the stairs carved in limestone. As has been opened in awe voluptuous balustrades and pilasters carved cherubim Paris apartment for rent, I tried to imagine inspiration for Victor Hugo Les Miserable’s in such an environment

Christine opened the apartment door and I looked down the line of rooms Paris apartment for rent, past the Venetian mirror and glitz, glamour chandelier at the entrance to the living room and views of the au - plus square. There was the famous lemon Paris apartment for rent. I looked and saw the hand of the original nth century beams, which had been restored painted their colorful patterns brought back to life. The decor was the epitome of French taste exquisite, perfect a paradox, intimate and large. Colored curtains behind the gray skies of autumn, as the Parisians call almost reached the velvet sofas and gray walls taffeta Paris apartment for rent. The ceilings were painted blue Dragooned. The walls of the room were lined winter silk.

As I walked from room to room, I looked for an office, Paris apartment for rent thinking in the back of my mind that, yes, I was there to work. But this apartment was not designed with work in mind. Each of the luxurious rooms with a large living room with plush sofas Paris apartment for rent, three bedrooms with onsite marble bathrooms, a winter room with a huge fireplace, a kitchen with a Backache stove alcove, laundry, J ' I realized Pavilion that Lady could easily accommodate a family, but in fact, it was designed for romance. The French have a way of living in the past, in this effort Paris apartment for rent, and the fact that the No. 23, Place des Vogues was originally inhabited by Marie Touchiest, mistress of Charles IV, was not lost on my friend.

When I lost focus with distractions in my window Paris apartment for rent, I wandered to the nearby March des Infants Rouges to buy pasta and salads for dinner. My friends Domicile and Vincent both Parisians had never seen an apartment in the Place des Vogues Paris apartment for rent. It was the perfect excuse to cook on the stove Backache. So I pulled a trolley from the kitchen to the rue de Tureen and full of wonderful fresh produce market. Late October is the season for hard cheeses mountains. In honor of my trip Paris apartment for rent, I bought a Tome des Vogues.

Do you even realize that France is in a terrible economic crisis? I asked my friend Vincent Paris apartment for rent, playfully, while admiring the view of the square. We sat around the kitchen table, feasting on homemade pasta with truffles and talk late into the night, remembering our days in Paris 31 years ago, when we were doing much the same thing on a smaller frame. Now Paris apartment for rent, to drink a bottle of chilled Roily, talk to my old friends, I felt free and excited and happy exactly how I felt when I moved to Paris after college.

Every day I sat down and wrote and saw the gray clouds cute play on the Parisian sky. It was hard to resist the life of the place. When I was tired of my own voice Paris apartment for rent, I wish I had the brass ring of keys and go for a walk, exploring the narrow streets I do not know, buy a bottle or olive oil Roily on rue de Breton Paris apartment for rent, taking pictures of beautiful blue doors and stood along the cobblestone street during Minims, and marvel at how the owners of Parisian cafes offer customers the terraces chess treated with blankets to ward off the autumn chill.

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