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If you plan to go to Nice on a budget , the Ibis Budget could be just what you are looking for hotel in nice france. However, the Ibis is a hotel company with branches around the world , so no matter where you travel hotel in nice france, if you are looking for a place to stay , so it's worth looking up.When booked, we were not looking for anything fancy , just something reliable.

Knowing that there would be at the hotel except to sleep , shower and change, and I chose Ibis B , and we were pleased with our choice . The Etap We were on California Avenue . You can see on the right side , hotel in nice france the building later this bright road.If you want to know how close it is to the beach , then you will be happy to know that the beach was literally across the road , I had to when I I took this photo hotel in nice france.

hotel in nice france, It is also only a bus ride from Nice airport to ask " Magnan " if the bus driver has no idea where the hotel is. When I told the bus driver the name of the hotel and the road is on, it just scream Magnan ! on our faces . hotel in nice france Confused , B repeat the name of the hotel , including the bus driver yelled Magnan again. Therefore , we conclude that we need to go to a place called Magnan ! , Despite the name Magnan ! not mentioned anywhere in the address. We were right . And we will never forget.

It was a decent size. And for some reason hotel in nice france, had a bunk bed . We used to play our clothes stink at the end of each day. Anyway, it was a large room , but very basic , this is a hotel and everything. Besides the bed, he had a table , a chair , a stool and a TV . There was a hairdryer , safe , ironing board , refrigerator , kettle and tea and coffee you get in most hotels .

It was basically a room with furniture , no frills . So if you like hotel rooms , with all of the above is available , do not go to Ibis Budget . Or , failing that, bring your own hairdryer, etc. Honestly though , unless extremely high maintenance , it's not really a big deal to go without any of those things hotel in nice france.

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