Luxury Hotels in Paris Near Eiffel Tower - Find a Five Star Hotel in Paris

Paris, France is truly a special place to visit. Luxury hotels in Paris near Eiffel tower those who agreed that there is no other city that can compare to the feeling romantic places available for travel and culture that makes you want to stay a while and enjoy your coffee. If you are planning a trip in the near future in the City of Light luxury hotels in Paris near Eiffel tower, this list of 10 things to do in Paris to help you plan your stay.

Eiffel Tower is rare to visit Paris without including at least one trip to the iconic Eiffel Tower. To avoid the crowds, luxury hotels in Paris near Eiffel tower come early in the morning or evening. Hop on the elevator and ride the viewing platforms for a breathtaking view of the city, the Louvre Even someone who is not usually a lover of art will be won by the legendary collection for the world's largest museum luxury hotels in Paris near Eiffel tower. Just look at the great Mona Lisa in person in line to the museum worthwhile.

Notre - Dame de Paris This symbol has a breathtaking view from the top of its towers. While you're there, take the opportunity to inspect the famous gargoyles near a cruise on the Seine River is a relaxing way to see all the famous sights of Paris.

Ice Skating If you are traveling with children or adults, luxury hotels in Paris nearEiffel tower to enjoy one of the clues that the city puts in place during the winter, the Arc de Triumphed ride on the famous Champs - Elyse and see the iconic arch, built by Napoleon to celebrate all their military victories.

Luxury hotels in Paris near Eiffel tower Les Invalids After seeing his great gift to France to go to the grave Napoleon. Les Invalids is a group of buildings that house monuments to the army, a retirement home for war veterans and a hospital, Double Decker Bus Tour a fun and effective way to see all the sites. You will see these iconic buses driving around luxury hotels in Paris near Eiffel tower. Sit on the upper level for a clear view of the city.

Museum dorsa with a large number of works of impressionist painters. luxury hotels in Paris near Eiffel tower You can see works by artists such as Van Gogh, Magnet and Degas here Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on top of the outskirts of the city, Nonstarter, the highest is the famous Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Their vertices can be seen over most of the rest of Paris. It has a Romanesque and Byzantine architecture luxury hotels in Paris near Eiffel tower, and you will have a breathtaking view of Paris from the towers.

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