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Coco Chanel was a style icon in the fashion world ,  but many also known for its individual interior style . His use of gold, glittering chandeliers , mirrors and clean lines are legendary in Paris and beyond. Although it would cost hundreds all paris apartmentsof thousands of dollars to replicate the look of the apartment of Coco Chanel 31 rue Cambon in Paris , you can emulate her style with some keys Parisians in their own space .

all paris apartments Start by choosing a neutral palette . The style of Chanel is based on glamorous accessories , not the walls . Choose colors that make you think of suede , coffee or clean white . The color of the walls is only the decor of your furniture and special additions all paris apartments, so do not forget to paint with a color that is overwhelming.

If you are in the market for a new sofa , choose one that is similar to the color of the walls. Layers should not be kept in a room that evokes the style of Chanel all paris apartments. You can find microfiber sofas that look great in a neutral room , and the suede or butter. Try to avoid sofas in fabric like material stand out too much in a room , if you're trying to get a sense of luxury.

Gilt mirrors are a must have .all paris apartments Framed mirrors in carved wood or beveled glass look beautiful on the wall behind the sofa . If you do not find what you are looking for in home stores , try various antique markets . Even if the mirrors are more expensive, the eye can not be matched. all paris apartments You can often find replicas of antique shops as well.

The lighting was perhaps the most important factor in a Paris apartment . Chandeliers and sconces were hung in every room. To match the style, find wrought iron sconces with candle lights guy . Chandeliers can be gilded in gold or black iron all paris apartments, but be sure to avoid all the modern styles as they will look out of place in your room. Table lamps that have auctions of crystal or glass with white shades look beautiful on your tables finals.

It's the little things that take a single room and make them beautiful . all paris apartments Coco Chanel focused on the points picked up on his travels. Large glass globes lined up low tables, hardcover books filled the shelves of books and articles, such as small wooden masks have been widely used . all paris apartments While purchasing these specific items drain your bank account very quickly , you can buy items in stores replica home that fits the bill perfectly.

L ' use of Chinese silk screens to divide the rooms was one of the many signature pieces that Ms.Chanel used to bring color into the rooms. Chinese fabrics were stretched on the screen and placed in vital areas all paris apartments. You can create your own screen with patterned fabric that you like.

That was one of the last , all paris apartments the most important elements that Coco Chanel used to decorate her apartment ? Chanel No. 5 was generously sprinkled through his pieces on a daily basis . You can use a different scent all paris apartments, but a fragrance diffuser or other perfume really brings life to your space.We can not have everything an apartment in Paris , but we can bring a little ' of this style in our homes, all paris apartments taking advantage of the spirit of the rue Cambon and adding a touch of luxury in our rooms.

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